Prolon Diary

Day 1 – Sunday

I’m excited but nervous. The box doesn’t seem to have a lot in it! We’re meeting folk for the afternoon too so need to try and work out how I eat the soup for lunch and cope with them eating in front of me!

Breakfast is a bar. It’s sweet and tasty. Sam then tells me to half it to keep some for later – too late, I’ve hovered it with a cup of mint tea.

We hit the Christmas village and I manage to walk past the sausage stalls and the gluhwein bar. We head off for a coffee where I have my ready prepared soup in a thermos with the crackers. Pretty tasty so far. We end up back at our house where I prepare sandwiches for everyone. This is the only point so far where I feel I’m missing out. There are crisps in a bowl, which I would normally eat without thinking. I can’t have them but it’s not the end of the world. I savour my olives instead – I kept them back from lunchtime

The rest of the day is pretty easy with the food. The chocolate bar tastes a bit too rich but I take a while to eat it.

Starting to feel a bit off – tired and nauseated so take myself off to bed early

Day 2 – Monday

Woke up with a pounding head. I cannot be in detox already! Becca is feeling the same, as is Allan. Seems it’s more a bug

I don’t feel like eating. I thought I would be ravenous. I have a cup of mint tea and think about eating the bar later. I cut it in half this time…

Spend the morning feeling sorry for myself then head back to bed for a while.

I’m struggling to eat all the food today. Partly due to nausea but I really don’t feel hungry. I end the day by not having 1 pack of the olives and leaving a tiny bit of the l-bar. The dark chocolate one tastes awesome tonight though.

Day 3 – Tuesday

This is the day I’ve been dreading the most because it’s got the least food.  Fuck – the box has soooo little in it. How am I going to make it through the day…

At least I’m feeling a good bit better. I eat half the bar with a cup of tea then that’s it till lunch.

Work is busy though. Next thing it’s 1pm and I stop to have my soup. Decide I’m going to keep half the crackers for tea time. Also discover the L drink is to keep me pooping. That explains the amount of farting I’m doing…

I get home quite late after picking up the kids. My mum made me a cup of tea. I really couldn’t bothered explaining what I was doing so I just accepted it. I couldn’t drink it! Me – not drinking tea!! Shut the front door…. It tasted too milky and awful so I left it to go cold.

Had to go and clean the bathrooms while Allan had his cheese and ham toastie. Bloody hell my house is sparkling clean just now…

Day 4 – Wednesday

So I got through the really bad day with no problem. I’m at home until I start at 12. I have my bar later in the morning and just half. I’m finding these a bit too sweet although I like the nutty texture.

I’ve got a busy day at work with one thing and another so it’s easy enough. One thing I am surprised at is how little hunger I have and how a cup of soup can actually satisfy me.

I sit watching the girls eating Jana’s rhubarb crumble with a bit of custard. I think I want a bit – Jana makes a fine piece – but don’t feel like I’m really missing out.

I finish work at 8, pick up Rachel and sit down for my tea after 9. I’m liking this quinoa soup.

Day 5 – Thursday

Woohoo! I’m on the home run. I wake up hungry which is a first this week. I have a hibiscus tea – another thing I really like now. I usually can’t face these bars until later in the morning. This is odd not eating breakfast first thing. I’m looking forward to scrambled eggs next week.

Work finishes early but I’ve got a few things to do so lunch is nearer 3pm. It’s another not many sachets days. But hey ho, only a few hours.

What’s interesting about being hungry is that before I would have raided the cupboard but because I can’t it feels a different hunger and I’m coping fine.

One thing I did do (and I shouldn’t have) was stand on the scales. I think I’ve lost over 2 kgs! I’ve got a flat belly and a waist back. I ain’t letting that go again soon.

Will pop into work tomorrow to stand on the Inbody and see the changes.

Day 6 – Transition Day

Inbody. Have lost 2.7kg (0.5kg of that was muscle) Body Fat has dropped from 34.2% to 32.7% with a fall in my visceral fat levels.

You are supposed to have soups and light food but we’re off to London for the weekend. I want to have a good time but I also don’t want to undo everything I’ve done over the past week.

Breakfast is just a protein shake as we need to be to the airport. I pass on fine pieces etc at the coffee shop. Lunch ends up being a small steak but we won’t have a meal tonight. That makes me feel quite bloated - it’s my first proper meal but I’m aware of portion sizes.

The weekend goes well. I don’t go crazy eating and drinking plus make sensible choices. I stood on the scales on Monday to find I’ve gained 200g in total – not bad for just going back to eating normally.

Will I do it again? I’ve had the weekend to think about it and, yes, I probably will in January. Now I just need to focus on remembering what my hunger means and not going back to old ways with snacks and grazing between meals.

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