Two of Aberdeen's leading clinics join forces.

Aberdeen’s number one aesthetic clinic, Temple Clinic, is proud to be collaborating with The Aberdeen Clinic in a unique partnership, the first of its kind in Scotland, to provide a safe, high quality one stop shop for a wide range of surgical and non-surgical procedures. The cosmetic sector is a rapidly expanding area of practice that has gone from being a niche market to a popular service that is now widely available. Cosmetic interventions can have a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of patients. There have been particular concerns about patient safety and whether the sector operates in an ethical manner.

It is important that doctors have the right skills, the products used are safe, and patients get accurate information before they decide to have a cosmetic intervention. For all of these reasons, and to ensure consistent standards, the Scottish government body, Health Improvement Scotland, began to regulate all Scottish clinics from 2016, with HIS registration becoming compulsory from April 2017.

Unfortunately, as in all industries, not everybody has adhered to the regulation in force, and as at November 2017, only around 30% of those clinics required to be registered, have actually completed their registration. This lack of respect for regulation has led to an opportunity for two fully registered clinics with very different treatment repertoires to come together to demonstrate their commitment to safety, quality and patient results.

In providing cosmetic treatments, there are a number of critical elements to consider as laid down by the General Medical Council:

  • The health care professional treating you should be appropriately trained and experienced to practise safely.
  • The patient should be given realistic expectations about the outcomes that can be achieved for them.
  • The clinic must follow current guidelines or protocols for safe, effective provision of cosmetic interventions.
  • The practitioner must consider the psychological needs of their patients.
  • The organisation must not allow any nancial or commercial interests in a particular intervention, or an organisation providing cosmetic interventions, to adversely affect standards of good patient care.

Both clinics’ overall vision and ethos is to provide exceptional service always whilst being passionate about educating and empowering patients with honest advice to ensure that they always receive the ultimate patient experience through a bespoke, quality, caring service. Excellence in care is the primary motivation and no matter what their health problems, everyone seen at either clinic is individual, so each clinic will work with their patient to create an individual treatment plan. That plan ensures that everyone benefits from the same high standards of investigation and treatment.

We don’t believe in taking chances and nor should you, especially when it comes to your health and appearance. There is no greater consequence than leaving either in the hands of someone who is unqualified and untrained. We believe that excellent patient care, high standards of practice, knowledge and training go hand in hand with delivering great treatment outcomes. Hand in hand, Temple Clinic and The Aberdeen Clinic will ensure that you don’t compromise on either.

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