Buttne Clearing Package

Bye-Bye Buttne: Unlock the Secrets to Clear Skin with the Buttne Clearing Package at Temple Clinic.

At Temple Clinic, we understand that buttne can be a source of discomfort and self-consciousness. That's why we are excited to introduce our exclusive Buttne Clearing Package—a bespoke solution designed to target butt acne and achieve clear, radiant skin. Combining advanced treatments such as Enerpeel, Omnilux light therapy, and a specialised Hydrojelly mask, along with medical-grade OSK products for home care, we have the perfect recipe to ensure your booty is peachy and thongkini-ready for the beach.

Step 1: Enerpeel Treatment: The journey to clear skin begins with our Enerpeel treatment, a powerful medical grade peel specifically formulated to combat acne and blemishes. This targeted chemical peel deeply cleanses the skin, unclogs pores, and reduces inflammation, effectively tackling buttne at its source. Enerpeel promotes skin cell turnover, revealing smoother, clearer skin on your booty.

Step 2: Omnilux Light Therapy: Omnilux light therapy takes the buttne-clearing process to the next level. This non-invasive treatment utilises different LED lights to stimulate collagen production, reduce inflammation, and kill acne-causing bacteria. By harnessing the power of light, Omnilux therapy accelerates the healing process and helps to prevent future breakouts, leaving your buttocks clearer and healthier.

Step 3: Specialised Hydrojelly Mask: After the targeted treatments, it's time to give your skin some extra TLC with our specialised Hydrojelly mask. This unique mask is packed with skin-loving ingredients that hydrate, soothe, and nourish your booty. It enhances the overall effectiveness of the Buttne Clearing Package by providing deep hydration, reducing redness, and promoting a calmer complexion.

Step 4: Medical-Grade OSK Products for Home Care: To maintain your peachy, thongkini-ready skin, we provide you with medical-grade OSK products for home care. These professional skincare products are specially formulated to address buttne concerns, including acne, inflammation, and scarring. Consistent use of these products complements the in-clinic treatments, ensuring long-lasting results and helping you maintain clear and healthy skin.

Bum acne

Achieve Clear Skin and Boost Your Confidence

Our Buttne Clearing Package is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for butt acne, allowing you to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. By combining advanced treatments and targeted home care, we address the root causes of buttne, promote skin healing, and prevent future breakouts. Say goodbye to buttne and hello to a clear, radiant booty!

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Ready to unveil your beautiful, thongkini-ready booty? Contact Temple Clinic and schedule a consultation with our experienced team. We will assess your specific concerns and create a personalised Buttne Clearing Package tailored to your unique needs. Get ready to embrace clear, glowing skin and rock your favourite beach attire with confidence!

Clear skin is within reach!

Buttne clearing package at temple clinic. Unleash your confidence and enjoy a blemish-free, peachy booty this summer!




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