Enhance your facial balance with dermal fillers

I decided to go for dermal fillers in my face as I have a naturally very sad face when I don’t smile.

It was really beginning to effect my confidence and I started avoiding mirrors more and more. Having previously discussed the possibility of fillers with Dr Sam I just decided I could no longer deal with my sad looking face. I can’t begin to describe how happy I am with the fillers I've had as I no longer look sad and as I also had some filler in my chin my face has been lifted.

Everyone tells me I look fresh faced and younger, but at the same time I still look like me and it isn't obvious that I've had work done; which was always one of my biggest concerns. Next to losing weight this is the best thing I ever done... I feel like a new woman!

I was also pleasantly surprised that not only did it not hurt but I only had one small bruise and a little bit of swelling that quickly went down within a few hours. By restoring facial volume, dermal fillers smooth out lines and wrinkles to give a better definition and shape. Dermal fillers enhance your facial balance by reducing shadows and leave your face with a more healthy, youthful appearance. Treatment doesn’t take long and the results are instant.

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