Reverse the signs of skin damage with non-surgical treatments

Aesthetic medicine is an inclusive term for treatments that focus on improving cosmetic appearance.

It’s no secret that you can reduce, prevent and even reverse the signs of ageing and skin damage without resorting to surgery through a non-surgical aesthetic treatment such as injections, chemical peels or skin rehydration. We can target and treat wrinkles, facial sun damage, broken blood vessels, large pores and acne scars to help you look younger, fresher and more vibrant. Multi award-winning Temple Clinic offers a range of aesthetic treatments, the most popular currently being anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

“Botox” anti-wrinkle treatment is a simple, non-surgical procedure that smoothens the deep, persistent facial lines that develop over time. In a short treatment of just a few tiny injections, we can help to relax the muscles that cause those lines to form and keep them relaxed for up to four months. For a long time there was some stigma attached to anti-wrinkle injections but in recent years with a plethora of new skin care treatments and products hitting the market, anti-wrinkle injections have become far more acceptable and less controversial due to the results being as effective as they are. Patients say that once they’ve had wrinkle relaxing injections they look better, feel better and ultimately are the best version of themselves.

Evidence also suggests that looking healthy, fresh and younger could enhance career prospects. Wrinkle relaxing injections carry few side effects which are generally mild and require no downtime from your normal activities. Additionally, it is rare for people to notice that you have had a treatment. Most often, feedback shows that you are more likely to be complimented on how fresh or vibrant you look.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers restore lost facial volume and soften facial lines. They are used to smooth wrinkles and plump up the skin by adding volume that has been lost during the natural ageing process. At Temple Clinic we use a naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid gel that is scientifically proven, made by the world leaders in non-surgical aesthetic products, and closely resembles the attributes within your own skin.

If the skin on your face has lost its firmness and fullness, or you want to smooth wrinkles, folds or scars to give your face a younger, refreshed or more plumped appearance, a dermal filler treatment may be the perfect solution. Dermal filler is also used to define and enhance lips, reshape the nose, and define cheeks and chins. Dermal fillers enhance your facial balance by reducing shadows and leave your face with a more healthy, youthful appearance. Treatment doesn’t take long and the results are instant. Our goal is for you to feel that your facial appearance reacts how you wish to feel inside...youthful, contented and relaxed!

Karen had been unhappy with her appearance for quite some time. At 43 and felt I suddenly looked tired, unhappy and even lifeless at times. "My eyes had become quite sunken and my dark circles looked much worse when I was tired. I also felt that my face was losing volume – especially around the lower half – my chin was looking a bit witch like! I work in aesthetics and am very much aware that I don’t want to look like I’ve had something done."

"A lot of what we do is based around looking natural and enhancing what we have rather than having a frozen face and pillow cheeks! I took the plunge and had a consultation with Sam who went into quite a bit of detail on how the face ages and how we could improve how I look – the consultation wasn’t just about treating one area that I thought needed doing, but entailed looking at the face as a whole and how it could be treated holistically to ensure that I still looked like me, but a younger, more refreshed version."

"Knowing that Sam could be trusted to use her skill and judgement in relation to my treatment – I took the plunge. I was nervous but Sam made sure I was happy at each stage and made me feel totally at ease. I had filler to my temples, tear troughs, chin and nose and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My patients are surprised when I tell them I have had work done, as they think I have a completely natural look. In fact, they want what I have!"

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