Skin Consultation

Following a total hysterectomy which plunged me into an instant early menopause, I have suffered with eczema and very dry skin, in particular around my eyes and on my eyelids.

My eyelids were dry and scaly and would and times crack and bleed and people often commented on how tired I looked or asked if I had been crying! I’d tried numerous over the counter creams and moisturisers which had no effect and my GP prescribed Diprobase and a mild steroid cream, neither of which worked and the Diprobase made my eyes sting and water. Having known some of the staff at Temple for a little while, I mentioned my problem in passing, the reply was ‘come and have a chat, I am sure we can help you”’. I was a little sceptical as if my GP couldn’t prescribe anything, then how could the team at Temple?! But, I decided to give it a go. My skin consultation began with me providing details of my medical history and details of my problem and the treatments I have tried. I had a detailed skin analysis which involved several pictures being taken of my face, and the results were quite shocking.

I was impressed how quickly it was done and how expertly the results were interpreted. I’m naturally fair skinned and freckly, I have used sunbeds in my younger years and I don’t think I’ve ever put sun cream on my face. Looking at the pictures, it was explained to me that my skin was very dry and pointed out where I had a lot of sun damage. I was asked about my skin care routine…which was non-existent as face washes made my skin even more dry and sore. It was recommended that I use a face wash morning and night and that I use a night cream and a day cream with an SPF. A still slightly sceptical me went home to try my new products. WOW is all I can say…three days is all it took for my skin to start improving! And after a week the scaly patches and redness on my eyelids had gone.

I thought a skin care routine would be a bit of a pain and time consuming but it takes me 5 minutes morning and night. I’m really looking forward to my next consultation when I can show Temple the result. Thank you xx

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