Temple Clinic's multi-award winning Cosmetic Doctor

We are so proud of Dr Sam Robson who has won Best Cosmetic Doctor at the Scottish Medical Cosmetic Awards for the 2nd year in a row! 

‘I am delighted and honoured to have been chosen as ‘Scottish Cosmetic Doctor of the Year 2017’.

I was extremely proud to have won the award the last time and am overwhelmed to have been chosen again’. The multi award winning clinic was established in Aberdeen, Scotland in 2007 by Dr Sam Robson, a highly respected and experienced practitioner who has been qualified as a GP since 1997 and been practicing medical aesthetics since 2004. ‘Throughout my career as a GP, I witnessed an increasing number of patients suffering from problematic skin, premature ageing and obesity.

These concerns, whilst not immediately life-threatening, certainly had an impact on patients quality of life. This struck a chord with me and, along with my own interest in staying fit, youthful and healthy I focused on reviewing the evidence for clinically effective treatments to address these concerns; and this then became my business. Today, Temple Clinic is exceeding Dr Sam’s expectations and is at the forefront of the private medical aesthetics and weight loss management industry in Scotland. We offer several research-driven and innovative treatments, many of which are exclusive to Temple Medical and Scotland.

The clinic has been recognised both nationally and internationally with several industry awards. It is of note that every main award winner in the recent Scottish Medical Cosmetic Awards, including Temple Medical is registered or in the process of registering with Health Improvement Scotland. This registration is now a legal requirement for any independent medical clinic. At Temple Medical we believe you deserve the best. We are passionate about providing treatments to enhance your appearance and quality of life, whether it's losing weight safely, slowing down ageing or wanting clear skin. Our mission is to consistently deliver the highest quality treatments with excellence, compassion and competence to help our patients love themselves inside and out.  

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