The truth behind cheap injectable treatments

When it comes to finding bargains we often respond emotionally rather than rationally.

Just think about those half price shoes (you didn’t really need) or the three for two beauty products that you have bought (even though you only needed one). These purchases are often impulsive, but we justify them by highlighting the money we have saved. However, when it comes to your face you really don't want to go looking for a bargain; as the saying goes ‘buy cheap, pay twice’.

The aesthetic industry is seen to be more profitable than ever and it has attracted more and more people to offer injectable treatments These treatments are perceived by some to be just ‘an advanced beauty treatment’ and as a result people who are not medically trained are picking up a needle. But you wouldn’t let your hairdresser or nail technician give you your travel vaccinations, would you? ‘Botox parties’ are happening and it’s alarming because of course when you hear the word ‘party’ you want to know more.

Why wouldn’t you want to have a few drinks with your friends, get your treatment at a bargain price and if you all have a treatment then get a group discount! However, there is no consideration of your medical history or whether the treatment is actually right for you and absolutely no guarantee that the practitioner is even qualified. Do you really want to risk disease such as hepatitis by sharing a syringe with a friend, just to get it half price? Anything that is injected into you is a medical procedure and isn’t something you should leave to an untrained non-medical person.

The reason the treatments as Botox parties are cheap is that corners are being cut. This results in you gambling with your health, your face and your happiness and well-being. Injectable treatments are medical procedures that should only be performed by a trained practitioner with knowledge of the facial anatomy. They should only be carried out in a clinical setting where the risk of infection and complications is minimal.

When you have an injectable treatment, you are essentially paying for two things; an authentic safe product and the medically trained practitioner who performs the treatment. Without either of these, you are taking an unnecessary risk! There are so many potential consequences from cheap bargain treatments and its worst can result in blindness or death. Meanwhile, your practitioner, who is unlikely to recognise the complication or even acknowledge that they have some responsibility for this, is not going to have the medical knowledge to help you. Playing on your desire to have a cheap bargain treatment is how they make their profits. At Temple Clinic, our practitioners are medically trained to use the right injectable, in the appropriate setting, have adequate insurance and know what to do in the unfortunate event of something going wrong.

You should always choose your practitioner wisely and do your homework and background checks before you risk letting someone touch your face. You should have a proper consultation with consent forms and photographs taken and you should be given time to consider the treatment options that are appropriate for you. A medically trained practitioner will be registered (GMC/NMC/GDC) and they will have the correct insurance.

Their registration guarantees their livelihood and means their professional position is at risk if they don't take good care of you. That registration is your reassurance as they will lose it if something goes wrong and they don't work with you to fix it. Don’t bargain, be smart! Going to the right medically qualified practitioner is the essential first step and their treatment can boost your confidence, help correct the problems that have concerned you and help you to look your absolute best. This is an investment that you deserve!

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