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Leading acne treatment in Aberdeen from an ARA UK certified clinic.

Acne is a chronic condition that can be difficult to get under control.

Temple Clinic is an ARA UK certified clinic. This means we have the knowledge and skills to treat and support you throughout your acne journey.

We treat each patient as an individual, one size does not fit all when it comes to acne.

At Temple Clinic we treat a wide range of acne conditions every day and are an ARA UK accredited treatment centre. 

The skin vitality consultation with Dr Sam Robson, is an in-depth skin health assessment lasting an hour, the appointment includes:

  • A full skin analysis using the latest technology from FotoFinder
  • Comprehensive evaluation of your current skin health
  • Lifestyle and health assessment
  • Discussion about any skin concerns

Our in-depth analysis allows us to look at areas of the skin that cannot be seen by the human eye. We look at 6 different aspects on the surface and below the skin, including wrinkles, breakouts, pores, skin tone evenness, texture, dehydration, sensitivity and pigmentation from overexposure to the sun.

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ARA UK - Accredited Treatment Centre


The first step in your Temple journey will comprise a series of questionnaires clarifying further details about your acne. These questions allow us to have a better understanding of which areas of your body are affected, the severity of your condition as well as considering the impact that acne has on your life. We repeat and review these questions every two months.

During your initial skin consultation with Dr Sam, she will take a detailed medical and lifestyle history so as to better understand how your skin concerns have evolved and whether there are any contributing lifestyle factors that could be modified. She will need to know what products and treatments you have been using for your skin, so do take a photo or a note of the skincare products along to your appointment.

Using the latest in skin analysis technology, she will take pictures of your skin and run the analysis. This is useful for understanding the current condition of your skin and can be helpful in tracking your progress as well as helping us to tailor a treatment plan. We will repeat these pictures during your treatment course and also at your ‘skin reviews’. Please come to your appointment with clean, make up free skin.

Together, using all this information, we will create a treatment and product plan that suits you. You will receive detailed advice and suggestions along with samples of skincare products to trial.

What happens after my consultation?

  • You will be emailed a detailed plan including a skincare product regime specific for your skin and a bespoke treatment plan devised by Dr Sam Robson.
  • A selection of samples will be chosen specifically for your skins needs
  • Lifestyle and dietary recommendations
  • Follow up email with a complimentary skin review


The skin vitality consultation, with Dr Sam Robson is £99.

We politely request advanced payment to secure your booking, this can be via BACS or over the phone – whichever suits.


Acne is a skin condition, often exacerbated by hormones, and affects the sebaceous glands in the skin.

These sebaceous glands, which produce sebum, (a type of skin oil) are found in the follicles of the skin. Normal sebum secretion keeps the skin surface supple and soft, but these glands can become overactive meaning that they over-produce sebum.

The cells lining the follicle can also turnover more rapidly meaning that the entrance to the follicle becomes narrower. Eventually, the dead skin cells and the sebum form a plug which blocks the follicle. Bacteria that live on the skin – and which are usually completely harmless – get trapped within the plugged follicles.

The trapped sebum provides a rich food supply for the bacteria which then multiply rapidly. This will cause the surrounding skin to become inflamed and painful, and produce pus, leading to breakouts, nodules and cysts.


  • Face
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Neck


The first step in treating acne is to minimise the impact of the bacteria causing acne, reduce inflammation and calm your skin. We recommend doing this with a series of Omnilux light therapy treatments. Between 8-12 treatments are advised and having 1-2 treatments per week is the most effective.

Our next step will be using medical grade skin peels. It is essential that your skin is properly prepared for this treatment. We recommend acclimatising your skin with appropriate prescribed skincare products for 2-4 weeks before any peels. Our peeling protocols can kill 96% of acne bacteria, including all antibiotic-resistant bacteria, quickly and effectively. We usually suggest a minimum of four treatments, at fortnightly intervals to allow your skin to recover and be prepared for the next treatment. We include Omnilux light therapy at your peel appointments because this accelerates the healing process.

Our final step in acne management focuses on scar reduction. We use micro-needling combined with Platelet Rich Plasma to achieve the best results. This combination has been shown to help minimise the appearance of any scarring and re-texture the skin. Current recommendations suggest three treatments spaced over three months to achieve the fastest results. It is important to remain aware that the full benefit of the scar reduction treatments will occur over the 3-6 months after the course of treatment has been completed.


There is no quick fix to acne, and it is impossible to prevent break outs from appearing in the future. Your treatment and product journey requires commitment and persistence, and our goal is for the breakouts to be less frequent, less severe and to resolve much more quickly. We expect to see real results appearing by completion of the peeling protocols (typically 3-4 months) after your initial appointment) In the meantime, your skin should start to feel and look healthier after just a few weeks of using our products and having Omnilux light therapy treatments.

We may have to repeat some treatments because of the chronic nature of acne -and you may wish to consider further micro-needling in the future to enhance the results. The scar reduction treatment can be considered to result in a permanent improvement but new breakouts can create new scars – so ongoing commitment to looking after your skin with effective skincare products will help to minimise the risk of this.

How do I know if this is the best treatment for me?

We recommend booking a free 1:1 virtual pre-assessment with Dr Sam Robson via Zoom to discuss whether this treatment is right for you and give you the opportunity to ask any questions. Book your free pre-assessment today!


Dr Sam Robson - Medical Director

Magda Zielinska - Lead Therapist

Lauren Rennie - Therapist

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